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  • 1) iToanCau.Com Aerospace is one of the world’s leading providers of aerospace systems and services for commercial aircraft. Our unique industry knowledge and decades of experience enable us to understand our customers’ needs around the globe. We employ our expertise to deliver customized solutions that are tailored for improving aircraft availability, maintainability and sustainability. Our focus remains on passenger safety and comfort, maximizing operational efficiency, and providing secure and reliable connectivity into digital universe.
  • As modern travel evolves, passengers expect a faster, easier and more seamless experience, and airports must adapt, innovate and develop strategies to meet the needs of increased passenger growth in both physical and digital controlling interactives. iToanCau.Com Aerospace offers integrated and intelligent solutions for passenger processing and facilitation, airport operations and baggage management. Our self-service solutions help create a seamless travel experience for a high volume of passengers. We provide airports around the globe the solutions needed to improve operational efficiency and enhance the passenger experience as realized as lightning fast with digital universe. This model is currently designed for the future international airports with large physical space of 5,399 hectares on a hillside of Long Thanh vicinity of Vietnam.
  • 2) iToanCau.Com offer the opportunity to oil and gas companies to use the data and information they have at their fingertips to reduce operating expenses, accelerate production and make better – and faster - decisions. By replicating physical equipment or processes in a virtual environment, oil and gas companies can optimize asset and process improvements in the virtual world before applying them in the real one.
  • Who are the key players in the oil sector industry and what companies are able to have the biggest effect on international markets?

    One of a Oil Reserve in the Basin about the size of Iraq's Basin is under beneath the land of Vietnam shores and beaches that shows no earthquake occurred in the region. We are experts in transform and control by digital technology that would maximize the oil and gas production per a small period of time.

  • 3) We are researching and specializing renewable energy that runs electric cars most efficiently and not just solar energy, but also an indefinite source of energy at the first 3 minutes of the universe. Thus, we are uniquely the only one who are designing an electric motors that runs the wheels of automobiles without drawing any electricity from a battery.





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MODERNING SPACE EQUIPMENTS AS NASA Explains Moon Return Plans in Stunning Animated Short

Roller Chain Drives​

ANSI roller chain is a line of chain that's manufactured to ANSI B29.1 industry standards for cross compatibility between brands. ANSI is an acronym for "American National Standards Institute" that was started to help develop standards for products & services across many industries. All Nitro™ ANSI roller chain is always manufactured to conform to ANSI B29.1 dimension standards and to significantly exceed the minimum strength requirements. The ANSI chains come in various types to suite many different applications. Some of the types we handle is the ANSI standard, cottered, heavy series & super premium. We stock a full line of single, double, triple & quadruple strands for each chain type.

Standard Roller Chain

Standard ANSI chains are the most basic and conventional style roller chain used. Standard roller chains are a riveted style roller chain that comes in single, double, triple & quad row.

Cottered Roller Chain

These cottered chain are exactly that same as standard roller chain except one side of the chain uses cotter pins. Cottered chains are much easier to work with especially on large pitch chains since cutting down the chain does not require grinding the pin head.

Heavy Duty Roller Chain

Heavy series chains are stronger than our standard chains and the added strength is achieved by using thicker link plates. This improves the strength & fatigue resistance for drives with repeated shock loads or with frequent starting and stopping actions.

Super Premium Roller Chain

Super premium chains are made for drives that demand extremely tough chain! Super premium chains are made from a higher quality material, hardened pins, wide waist link plates & quad staked pins. Not many drives require super premium, but if it does Nitro chain has you covered.

Inductive/capacitive Sensors

A seat occupancy detector is an integral part of the airbag safety system and, in its simplest form, provides the (occupied or vacant) status of the seat to the airbag control unit. Although the occupancy sensing methods based on a capacitive principle are efficient, they typically require electrodes to be placed in the surface layer of the sitting and backrest areas of the seat. The proposed sensor uses a simple electrode structure, and it is placed below the seat foam in the sitting area of the seat. These features promise a less-expensive sensor as it can be easily manufactured and installed in a seat. The new sensor combines inductive and capacitive proximity sensing principles. The sensor detects the presence of an occupant exploiting the shielding effect of the electric field while its inductive proximity feature senses the presence of conductive objects (e.g., laptop) that may be placed in the seat and helps to achieve reliable occupancy sensing. The measurement system uses a signal conditioning unit based on a carrier frequency principle. A prototype sensing system has been built, and its application as a seat occupancy sensing system in a vehicle has been verified. The developed system successfully senses human proximity and distinguishes it from other conductive objects.

Motors & Gear Motors​

All types and mix of reducers Like
Parallel, Shaft Mounted, Right Angle Drives, Planetary Drives, Worm Drives,
Cone Drives, Single, Double, And Triple, reduction
All Cuts And Types Of Gears
All Makes And Models Foreign And Domestic Gear-Boxes.


This is a complete gearbox repair facility. We do bearing replacements to complete overhauls. We have the capability to manufacture gears when OEM parts are not available. We will determine a cost-effective and high quality repair of your gearbox.

Premature Failures If your gearbox is failing before the expected life, please let us know so that we can work with you to extend its life. We will use your information and examine the unit for items such as pitting, overload, misalignment, fatigue, and soft foot.

Upgrade Your Gearing Recent technology (within the last 10 years) has allowed us to give our customers the full benefit of better gearing. Gear quality is normally increased on older gearboxes through the use of CNC Form grinding. Form grinding improves gear contact by allowing for tooth form modification.

Our machining capabilities support large components with horizontal turning capabilities up to 260' in length and 62" swing, and our large Scheiss VBM has the ability to turn 40' diameter. For larger volume and smaller turning requirements, our Mori Seiki CNC lathe is able to efficiently handle these production needs.

Conveyor Chains

Conveyer Chains, like transmission chains, are a series of journal bearings secured together by constraining plates linking each journal bearing. Production facilities can only be efficient when they’re running at peak productivity — something that’s impossible if conveyor belts are slow or saggy. The heavy loads and high pressure to which your conveyor chain is subjected can be incredibly damaging, especially if you’re using sub-standard chains. The conveyor chain is a staple in the food production and citrus industry, allowing large quantities of goods to be moved speedily from location to location. PEER Chain’s conveyor chains are available in a variety of corrosion resistant materials, including stainless steel. Our conveyor chains are sturdy and long-lasting, allowing you the peace of mind that PEER Chain will keep you running.

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